The Ultimate Graphic Design Gift Guide




Having a tough time figuring out what the hell to get a graphic designer for Christmas/Hanukkah? In our 1st Annual Graphic Design Gift Guide, we're filling you in on 12 gifts they're guaranteed to love! From products with terrific packaging to tools to help them thrive at work, this is the ultimate gift guide to win over any creative. 

No. 1: Field Notes Resolution Set
This handy set is guaranteed to get you through the winter. We start every day with a to-do list, so these notebooks are essential to keep us organized and proactive! 

No. 2: Apple Pencil
If you haven’t hopped on the iPad Pro train yet, this is the time. And for any designer, hand-letterer, illustrator (or really anyone), the Apple Pencil is absolutely necessary. With incredibly precise, pressure sensitive technology, the Apple Pencil will quickly replace your go-to pen and paper.

No. 3: Stendig Calendar
There isn’t a calendar more appropriate for designers than one designed by the King himself, Massimo Vignelli. Celebrating the Helvetica typeface, you’ll never miss a client meeting with this attention grabbing centerpiece.

No. 4: Nespresso Machine
It’s true that there’s a direct correlation between the number of shots of espresso a designer has to the productivity of their day. Personally, it takes us three to really get going, and with the Nespresso machine, it’s a time and money saver. Plus, these shots make an incredibly smooth iced americano come summertime.

No. 5: 42 Pressed ROAM Candle
We don’t know about you, but even if we love the scent of a candle, if it has bad packaging it’ll never make it to our desk. The ROAM candles from 42 Pressed are absolutely gorgeous, and give us some serious wanderlust with scents that are inspired by our favorite cities around the world. Our favorites are London and Washionton D.C. They also have beautiful letter-pressed notebooks and prints too!

No. 6: Work For Free? Print
This little piece of gold is going up on our office wall, that’s for sure. Jessica Hische, a design mastermind, created this amazing letterpress print of a chart we all need: a guide to determining if you should work for free. Most often, of course, the answer is a big NO! However, as Jessica points out, if it’s your mom the answer should always be a YES.

No. 7: The Golden Secrets Of Lettering
We picked this book up right after we got our iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (hint hint!) and have never looked back. Martina Flor gives an in-depth, step-by-step guide on the basics of hand-lettering, with beautiful inspirational visuals (of course) and a killer introduction on how to turn your creations into vectorized money-makers. A must for the designer who wants to learn the secrets of lettering.

No. 8: Page Holder
Okay, don’t laugh. This right here is a life-changing piece of wood. Raise your hand if your fingers get tired from holding open your page-turner novel while you sip on some tea after a long day of work. Yeah, that’s all of us. This is the perfect stocking stuffer (ringing in at under $6!) so you can get one for the whole fam. Also, this was a total game changer while reading The Golden Secrets Of Lettering, and allowed us to keep the book open while trying out all of her tips and tricks.

No. 9: Pantone Mini Pendant Light
Anything Pantone-related is on the top of every designer’s wish list, especially ours. This is our absolute top pick if you have a designer in your life who also is interested in interior design – a match made in heaven! And since this pendant light comes in six Pantone colors, you’ll be sure to find a perfect match for your home. 

 No. 10: Laptop Sleeve
Chances are the creative in your life is probably carting around their laptop with them at any given time. Any graphic designer would appreciate a gift that kept their beloved projects safe from harm. Plus, this one comes in four juicy colors that are guaranteed to inspire their next color palette.

No. 11: Ritual Chocolate
We have to give a shoutout to our favorite local chocolatier. Not only is there packaging so good we would frame it, the flavors are also mouth-watering. We can’t help but pick up a bar, when we stop by our favorite Italian market, Caputos. They also carry hot chocolate mix that is sure to be a real crowd-pleaser.

Paige’s favorite: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla
Lucy’s favorite: Fleur de Sel | Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.

No. 12: Kinfolk Subscription
A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving, all year-round. Kinfolk sends quarterly magazines to inspire all creatives. These also make for beautiful eye-candy for the bookshelf in your office. Each subscription also comes with a complimentary set of notecards, which make for the perfect thank you notes for clients.

What are you getting the creative in your life for Christmas? 

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