The Art of Sketching



We’ve said this time and time again, but our creative process always starts with sketching. Our best ideas come to us with a pen in hand and a sketchbook readily available. Although these sketches are not always easy on the eyes, they point us in the right direction so we’re ready to start the process digitally!  

Why do we love sketching?

No. 1: Lots of Concepts, Little Time.

When we read a client’s design brief, a million light bulbs usually go off in our heads. However, to create all of those little ideas on our desktop would take hours and hours. Instead, we simply sketch out every idea, which usually leads to more, better ideas. Sketching is a wonderful way to lay out 20+ designs to see which ones are working and which ones are slightly horrifying. You’d be surprised how many ideas will flow when you pick up a pen and get started.


No. 2: Strengthens That Creative Muscle.

Like any muscle, you need to break it down and build it back up to make it stronger. Same goes for creativity. If you’re constantly doing the same thing, in the same exact way, chances are you aren’t growing as a designer. At least, not growing as much as you could be. Sketching is a great tool to get outside your head and brainstorm creative ideas – not focus on making everything perfect.

This is a time where you’re allowed to make mistakes, which usually results in problem solving. Why isn’t this working? Is this balanced? Does this reflect the company’s values? The more questions you’re asking, the better the client’s logo + brand will become. Instead of carefully creating a ton a beautiful logos on the computer, save some time and plan it out in your sketchbook first.


No. 3: You’ll Love the Archives.

The best part of devoting time to sketch out ideas for each client is the archives that form. At Coast to Coast Studio, we love reflecting on past sketches to see how much we’ve grown. A lot of the time when we’re designing a new logo, we’ll flip through the pages of our sketchbook to get our creative juices flowing. By exploring how other logos were formed with our past clients, we can use similar processes on our current clients. 

As a designer, it’s important to let the ego go, so you aren’t afraid of sketching something terrible. I know at our studio, we’re perfectionists. Sketching has been wonderful for getting us to let loose and come up with some one-of-a-kind ideas and designs.

Loose sketches can lead to incredible designs. Whether it be drawing an old building you love or writing your own name down in a hundred different styles, sketching is a foolproof way to strengthen your design skills. Especially now, where there's so many resources to seek inspiration such as Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, and Instagram – it's critical to sketch it out to land on an original concept from your own creativity.  Learn about our favorite notebooks we use here, and get sketching!