Behind the Scenes: A Peek at our Process

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When reviewing inquires, one of the questions we get asked most is, “so, what does this process look like?” Most of our clients are incredibly busy people and they want to make sure the process isn’t going to take a year and be a complete stress in their everyday life. On the other hand, some clients want to be completely involved every step of the way. These past couple months, we’ve really refined our design process to suit every need. It’s now stress-free, collaborative, informative, efficient, and enjoyable!

We thought it would be fun to share a blog that goes through the process, step-by-step. Whether you’re a fellow designer or looking to have graphic design work done, this blog is for you! At Coast to Coast Studio, it’s important that working with us is a dream come true. We want to educate our clients on design, create something that matches their vision, and inform them of our progress every step of the way. Ready to hear how it works?

Step 01 | The Design Brief

If you haven’t seen our design brief before, it’s a collection of questions that will give us a general idea of the client. When we review the information we can see if it’ll be a good fit. This includes learning about what they do, developing a quote, and figuring out an appropriate timeline. This has been such a great transition tool to get the process started.
You can check out our design brief here.

Step 02 | The Contract + Initial Payment

When the client agrees to the quote and timeline, we send over our contract and initial payment invoice. We always split the total estimate into two payments, 50% before any design services are rendered and the final 50% once the project is completed. This is a great way to stay organized and keep track of onboarding and off-boarding. Once the contract is signed, we move the client’s name from “Potential Clients” to “Current Clients” on our mini whiteboard in our office – it’s our favorite thing.

Step 03 | The Welcome Packet

We wanted to figure out a way to enhance the client experience when they work with our studio – that’s when The Welcome Packet was born. This packet is an intro to our studio, an outline of our process, a checklist of the work we’ll be doing, and a dictionary of “design lingo” we'll be using. It’s become a delightful ritual and a wonderful way to further connect with the brands we’re working with. It also gives them an itinerary of the creative journey we’ll be taking. Think of it as a travel guide for the design process.

Step 04 | Initial Concepts + Designs

After 1-2 weeks of conceptualizing, sketching, and designing, we’ll send over a few options for logo packages. Sometimes we’ll get it right the first draft and our clients will simply choose a package and we’ll move forward to Step 06! However, most times the client chooses a package as an indicator of the direction they want to take. This is when we’ll refine, edit, and tweak the package to make it better fit their vision. The editing process takes about 2-3 of back-and-forth to make it absolutely perfect.

Step 05 | Final Review

All of the edits are made and the design process is finished! At this point, our clients are (hopefully) itching to launch their brand or implement the logos throughout their current brand. Now, we’ll stamp on the final approval, package the logo suite, and switch over the website domain. This is when we close up shop and get their designs ready to go!

Step 06 | Final Payment and Off-Boarding

The process is officially complete! We’ll send over the final invoice and once that’s paid, we’ll send over all of the designs. We’ll also send a survey to ask you to review our services and provide a testimonial. Internally, we’ll discuss how we could’ve made the process better – it’s important we’re constantly improving. If it was a large project, we'll create a case study and upload it to our website. Lastly, we slowly wipe the name off our whiteboard and wish you luck on your way!

There you have it, a simplified summary of our creative process. This is something we’re always refining, improving, and changing, if necessary. Working with our studio should be a one-of-a-kind experience and we want to ensure we’re providing enormous value to our clients.

Are you ready to get the design process started? 
Here's Step 01:

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