Friday Favorites: Squarespace Templates


Happy Friday! Today, we wanted to share our top five favorite Squarespace Templates. At Coast to Coast Studio, we always recommend using Squarespace for building websites. Not only does it provide a beautiful, user-friendly platform to work on, it also has a top-notch selection of templates to get your idea off the ground. Most of the time, we'll transform the theme so much you can hardly recognize it, but these templates provide a great starting point to achieve the website you've always dreamed of. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.09.01 AM.png


"Get your business fully-booked with irresistible full-width background videos."

First, we have the Fairfield Squarespace template. We use this one time and time again, because of the full-width, parallax video capabilities. Having videos throughout a website truly brings it to life and encourages consumers to interact. This is a tremendous opportunity to show off your brand using more than photos and text. Fairfield also has a practical header and footer that displays a lot of business information (hours, contact, FAQ, etc.) without looking over-crowded. 

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"Get customers in the door with Artesia. Its immersive landing page features clickable banners that take visitors deeper into your website by connecting them to other pages. Text and image animations, like fade-in and scroll-activated slide-up effects, help you make a lasting impression. And Special Project Pages let you alternate images with text, so you can create a compelling visual story for any aspect of your business."

Next, we have the Artesia Squarespace template. We actually recently discovered this theme while working with one of our clients, and it became an instant favorite. Although this template was made for a hotel, it can work for any business/brand out there. However, the homepage of this theme is why we couldn't resist. It displays all of the different pages your website has, right on the homepage. Plus, it's beautifully laid out with animations to match. This will keep consumers on your website for much longer, because there's multiple ways to get to each page and plenty of opportunities for calls-to-action.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.09.20 AM.png


"Vivid headlines and bright pops of color promote your services."

To be quite honest, we didn't love this theme when we first laid eyes on it (we think the lime green slightly threw us off.) We decided to give it a try anyways, when we were building a portfolio website for one of our clients, and the results were amazing. Not only can this Squarespace theme work for any business, it has the capabilities to make brands grow. At Coast to Coast Studio, we love that the logo scrolls over the page because it helps with brand recognition and adds an extra element of fun. We also love the buttons placed strategically all over to really grasp people's attention and get them where you want them to be! Are you ready?

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.09.55 AM.png


"Clever overlays and intriguing layouts bring your products and services to life."

Although we've spent plenty of hours playing with this template, we haven't had the opportunity to use it quite yet! Camino is a one-of-a-kind modern interface to use for any brand or business. We especially love that when you land on each page, it has an animation effect that displays the title, then seamlessly scrolls into the page. This Squarespace theme is ideal to show off your products and display your services. It's also sure to keep your clients/customers on there for a while, because it's simply enjoyable to browse through. Who's up for having Coast to Coast Studio transform Camino into your brand's new website?  

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.09.33 AM.png


"Foster helps grow your business with advanced commerce options, like Quick View and Image Zoom. The captivating 3D visual effects and immersive long, scrolling homepage spread the mission behind your work."

Foster is another Squaresquare template we can't get enough of. We're absolute suckers for full-width parallax effects, paired with beautiful imagery. This is a foolproof platform to relay your company's values and mission, while also prompting customers to make purchases or orders. Foster is a theme we'd only advise using for eCommerce, because it revolves heavily around products. That being said, if you're looking to sell goods, show off your new business, and find customers who are loyal to your brand, this is the Squarespace template for you! 

Here at our studio, we are on Squarespace most of the day. Whether it be updating our blog, building out a website for a new brand, or finding new templates we love – we're always seeking new ways to be innovative with Squarespace, so we can be knowledgable for our clients.

It's crucial we find the right templates that will take our clients' businesses to new heights. There are unlimited ways to make each template specific to each client's needs, and we're here to help make those happen. 

Is your website driving you crazy? We're ready to make it the website you've been dreaming of. Whether you want to drive more sales or exhibit your portfolio – we'll do everything we can to achieve your goals. 

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