Friday Favorites: Our 5 Favorite Notebooks + Planners


Our creative process always begins with hours and hours of loose sketching, so you could only imagine how many sketchbooks we go through on a monthly basis. We’re also big “to-do listers.” In our morning meetings, we asses our schedule and create to-do lists for each of us. Safe to say, using the right notebook or planner is essential to our work! This Friday, we thought it would be fun to fill you in on the different brands we keep coming back to. Shall we get started?


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No. 1: Appointed Co.

Appointed Co. Notebooks are not only great for sketching, they’re also great for staying organized. We lay out the upcoming three months, week by week, to schedule clients, jot down notes from phone calls, and plan out our days! These notebooks are made with beautiful water resistant covers, recycled paper, and a brass coil bound.


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No. 2: AllSwell Notebooks

If you’re looking for a hybrid notebook that allows blank pages to sketch, and lined pages to take down notes – we have a notebook you’ll love! The AllSwell Notebooks are half lined and half unlined, allowing you to have full creative freedom. Our favorite part of these are the illustrations inside the cover, which include swim fins, a ukulele, an old-school Igloo-style cooler, a cold bottle of Bud, etc. These are also made out of all recycled materials!


Photo by:  Baron Fig

Photo by: Baron Fig

No. 3: Baron Fig

Meet the notebook you’ll want to take into every client meeting. The design of the notebook is minimal and timeless, creating the perfect canvas for your thoughts. Whether you want blank, dotted, or ruled, they have every option in the book! This notebook is also made with acid-free fine grain paper allows you to use all sorts of mediums and archive your books safe from degradation.


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No. 4: Spice Co. Mon Carnet de Poche

The Mon Carnet de Poche is a notebook we keep coming back to. It makes you feel as though you’ve gone back in time and picked it up at a French market. This single notebook is made with pages that are ruled, pages with a grid, and pages plain with perforation. There isn’t anything this notebook can’t do! However, we always use ours for sketching.


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No. 5: Productivity Planner

Last we have the Productivity Planner. This six-month black book is a godsend. On our busiest weeks, this planner is fantastic for staying organized. It serves as a weekly planner, but it also gives you an opportunity to lay out your tasks by importance. At the end the week, you can go back and rate how productive you were and set positive goals for the upcoming week!


Have a great Friday! Let us know about the notebooks you can't live without, we're always ready to try new ones. Interested in having us sketch up a logo for you? Contact us below!

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