Font Pairings We Love


We'll be the first to admit that we're utterly sick of the font pairing generators. There are plenty of ways to combine typography to create a cohesive, unique design. Today, we wanted to show off some of our favorite complementary fonts. These one-of-a-kind pairs are specifically made to combine seamless header and body fonts, but can also be used for logos and marketing collateral. 


First we have Otama E.P. and Sweet Sans Pro. Here at Coast to Coast Studio, we use this font pairing quite frequently! We love the contrast between the sharp serifs on Otama E.P. and and the softer edges of Sweet Sans Pro. This is a classic example of pairing a serif font, with a san serif font. Always an easy bet, with timeless results. This pair is also transitional throughout different industries. Whether it be a fashion label or a restaurant menu, you can't go wrong. 


We never thought we'd be spilling some our favorite fonts, but here we are! We'd like to introduce you to Poster Bodoni italicized and Brandon Grotesque. As you probably know, Bodoni is a beautiful font in and of itself, but Poster Bodoni is it's cool surfer brother. This font has a classic, coastal vibe and makes for an enticing + charming header.

It's convenient that our other favorite font, Brandon Grotesque, happens to match with it perfectly. Brandon Grotesque is a playful san serif and works wonders as body text OR header text. We've used it for everything under the sun. If you're sick of using Ariel, say hello to Brandon.


We originally used this pairing for a logo we were designing for a woodworker, based in Newport Beach, California. It was important that his brand identity felt strong, intentional, and balanced – like his designs. When we completed his branding, this became one of our favorite font combinations. Monserrat provides the perfect platform for Six Caps and vice versa!  There's also a strong contrast between the vertical and horizontal shapes of each font. What's not to love?


Whoever said you can't pair a serif with another serif font has never seen Agne and Modern No. 20. These two play off each other in all the best ways! Even though they both have serifs, there's clear differences between the weights and lines of each type. This pair can also swing between historic/western and modern/sophisticated, which makes it extremely versatile.  Use this pair on the next project you're working on – we promise you'll love the results.


Does anyone out there not love the font Audrey? This font is one of our absolute favorites because it's a elevated san serif option. With the mix of thick and thin strokes, it makes it interesting to look at and extra fun to use as a header font.  Although, there are plenty of fonts to pair with Audrey – we especially love Gill Sans at its match. The simplicity of Gill Sans puts the spotlight on Audrey, which makes it a invincible + perfectly compatible combo.


We'd love to hear what your favorite font pairings are!
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