CURL UP, TUNE OUT: Addicted to Podcasts

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For starters, we want to apologize for the lack of blogs last week! We have been moving into our new office, so it's been a little crazy settling in. We'll do a blog post giving a little tour of our little office very soon!

For our Curl Up, Tune Out post this week, we decided we wanted to share some of our favorite podcasts! Especially since we are in our own space now, we have been listening to podcasts nonstop. You can usually find us indulging in graphic design podcasts. However, when we need a break from constantly chatting design, we listen to the other podcasts for a little distraction. From learning advice from the best designers out there to hearing the stories behind some of our favorite songs, we listen to podcasts all over the iTunes map. Below is a list of the podcasts we're subscribed to! 


No. 1: Design Matters

Design Matters is the world’s first design podcast, hosted by Debbie Millman. If you aren’t familiar with Debbie Millman, she was named “one of the most influential designers working today” by Graphic Design USA, and “one of the most creative people working in business” by Fast Company. Safe to say, she knows the in’s and out’s of design. Debbie interviews creatives on all fronts, from playwrights to interior designers to activists. 

Favorite Episode: “Louise Fili”


No. 2: Drunk on Lettering

So, these ladies are hilarious. Drunk on lettering is a podcast where hosts,  Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog, get drunk with fellow letterers. This podcast is a perfect hybrid of hilarity and a behind the scenes of the lettering business. Every episode, they ask their interviewees what their favorite type of cheese is. So, Roxy and Phoebe, if you read this, our favorite cheese is extra gooey triple cream brie (and a lot of it.) If you’d like to buy these ladies a drink, you can do so here.

Favorite Episode: “Vichcraft” (who’s a total badass)


No. 3: The Minimalists

If you’ve never heard of minimalism, it’s essentially a lifestyle of living with less. The Minimalists themselves, Ryan and Joshua, describe it as, “a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.” Although we don’t abide by a strict minimalist lifestyle, minimalism and intention is crucial in design. Whether it be finding a place for every letter, creating a website that’s perfectly curated with minimal distractions, or designing elements of a brand  to seamlessly work together, minimalism is a priority. This podcast provides great reminders for living with less clutter. 

Favorite Episode: “Career” 


No. 4: The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

This is the OG podcast that got us into listening to podcasts. From learning to charge for your value to laughing about clients from hell, this podcast is always shelling out great advice we use on a daily basis. The hosts have all been working in the graphic design industry for quite some time and it’s fantastic to listen to their experiences and learn from the best. Whether you’re an amateur graphic designer or an absolute professional, this podcast has a little something for everyone. 

Favorite Episode: “Qualifying Your Clients” 


No. 5: Song Exploder

Okay get ready for the most clever podcast idea ever. Song Exploder is a podcast that interviews various artists to explain the backstory and process behind a specific song. Host Hrishikesh Hirway has interviewed musicians from Bjork to Metallica and has gotten to the root of how their songs came to life. Entertainment Weekly says, “you’ll never listen to their music the same way again” and we couldn’t agree more! This is one of the podcasts that helps us escape the day to day. We can take a step back to appreciate the creative process. 

Favorite Episode: “Solange”


No. 6: Out of Line

We discovered Caroline Lee, the host of the “Out of Line” podcast on Instagram and we’re so glad we did. From the amazing cover art, by Lisa Congdon, to the rich conversations in each episode, there’s a lot to love about this podcast. Caroline interviews social media influencers and gets real about their day to day struggles, schedules, beliefs, and personalities. She has interviewed many women we admire on Instagram and it’s wonderful to be able to understand them on a more personal level through Out of Line. 

Favorite Episode: “Justina Blakeney”

We'd love to hear what some of your favorite podcasts are! We're always looking for new podcasts to add to our list!

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