A Day in the Life


9 AM:


Pretty sure neither of us are considered “Morning People”, which is why we always start the day off slow at a local coffee shop (see our top five here.) We always order the same thing, a drip coffee with a dash of cream – and once we get a little in our system, we start planning the day. Lucy is the one who vocalizes the to-do list, while Paige writes it all into a solid checklist.

These first couple hours of the day are always our favorite because we get to touch-base on all of our clients and projects, while we strategize the upcoming day. Also, the beautiful thing about being best friends with your business partner is being able to catch up on our personal lives throughout our morning meetings. Makes it a little more fun!


11 AM:


The clock has struck 11 AM and that means it’s officially business time. At this point, we’ve already laid out which projects we’re each going to cover, so we start busting it out. This is definitely our most creative hour (besides when Lucy starts creating graphics at 3 AM), because the coffee has manifested and we’re excited about the day.

While we’re working on everything from brand identities to website design, we turn on a playlist and get in our individual creative zones.  Here at Coast to Coast Studio, we’ll sometimes dedicate an entire day to a specific client to make sure they’re 110% taken care of! We're both extremely involved in each project, we always want put in our own two cents, which is great for providing well-rounded, beautiful results. Don’t mess with us at 11 AM, we’ll be hammering out a serious amount of designs.


1 PM:


Okay, we’re officially starving and we need a break! We pack up our Macbooks + design materials and decide where to grab lunch. Almost always, we end up at Caputo’s, our favorite Italian market. We love strolling around the market and admiring all of the fantastic packaging, while we wait for our food. If we aren't going to Caputo's, we'll pick up a baguette and brie to split, from Traders Joes, and head back to the studio. You may think that we take this time to stop working for a sec, but that’s rarely the case. We’re usually so in-the-zone, that while we’re eating Lucy is sketching typography on her iPad and Paige is adding elements to a website. You could say we’re master multi-taskers, at least we like to think so.


During lunch is when we discuss our business goals and upcoming projects. Once we have food in our system, we’ll come up with new blog topics, refine our studio practices, and dream up new client opportunities!  


3 PM:


Is anyone truly productive at 3 PM? We try to be, but normally around this time, we finally break away from our laptops and hit the town. You can find us driving to the local printer to get paper samples, driving to a meeting, or sketching out new typography on our iPad. We love having meetings at this time, because the day is coming to a close and we’ve usually checked off our daily to-do list. It’s always nice to catch up with our clients later in the afternoon, so we have a better perspective of our next-day tasks.


If we’re not hopping on a call or wrapping up a project, we may crack open a cold one to emotionally cool down and celebrate a successful (or stressful) day!


5 PM:


Hello Happy Hour! It’s 5 PM and honestly, we’re wiped. At the time, we’re scrolling through the New York Times cooking session and figuring out what we’re each going to make for dinner. We’re both extremely into chef-ing (as Lucy's girlfriend calls it) and we’re constantly dreaming up which recipes to try next. Sometimes (a lot of the time), we’ll end up working on a project until 7 PM, but we always try to wrap up the day at 5 PM to spend extra some time with our lovers and recharge for the next day.


At least once every day, we talk about how incredibly happy we are to be doing what we’re doing. We live and breathe design, so to be able to spend each day making brand identities, creating typography, building websites, and working with amazing clients is a dream come true!

We're always wanting to meet new clients and fellow designers, so let’s grab coffee and talk about
your “Day in the Life.”

Coast to Coast Studio