Our 5 Favorite Design Books

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This is a post we've been dying to do for a while now, here at Coast to Coast Studio. We owe it to the brilliant designers and authors who have taught us what we know and inspired us to be where we're at now (not working jobs we hate), and we wanted to share the resources that helped us along the way! Below, you'll find five of our favorite design books of all time, from how-to guides to interviews with the masters. Enjoy!

No. 1: Logo Design Love, David Airey

Top on our list is Logo Design Love. We absolutely love this book and David Airey's blog. Logo Design Love is a great collection of case-studies, sketches, and examples – which is so helpful when learning about the logo design process. It's a comprehensive guide to brand identity design, from the early stages to solidifying a final logo. Not only does Logo Design Love provide an educational experience for designers, it also helps the client understand the logo design process and proper expectations. It doesn't get much better than this. Five stars!


No. 2: Graphic Design: The New Basics, Ellen Lupton

Coming in at second place is Ellen Lupton's graphic design book, The New Basics. This book provides all of the best graphic design inspiration, while also being a great refresher for design basics. If you're wanting to learn the in's and out's of design, Graphic Design: The New Basics is perfect for you! That being said, this book isn't just for beginners, it also serves as a great reference for the pros. From UI to Print Design, this book covers a broad spectrum of the various forms of digital art.




No. 3: The Golden Secrets of Lettering, Martina Flor

When we first laid eyes on The Golden Secrets of Lettering by Martina Flor, it was love at first sight. We had just gotten some new technology (iPad Pro!!!) at the studio and we were ready to dive deeper into the world of typography. Flor's book has beautiful examples of hand-lettering and brilliant step-by-step tutorials for different types of tools and styles. This is a great way to learn the basics and principles of hand-lettering, while swooning over examples you'll want to stare at for hours. The Golden Secrets of Lettering is fun to read, because the author includes lots of hand-written notes, packed with sass. You'll want your iPad, tablet, or sketchbook on-hand for this read!



No. 4: Work For Money, Design For Love, David Airey

Surprise, surprise. We have another David Airey book on our list. Make sure you read Love Design Love first, because Work For Money, Design For Love is a great follow-up to his original book! This book goes in-depth into the life of being a freelance designer including: what it takes, how to do it, where to find clients, how to get paid, and much more. Work For Money, Design For Love is a must-read for anyone considering getting into the world of graphic design!




No. 5: Brand Thinking, Debbie Millman

Last, but certainly not least, we have Brand Thinking, by Debbie Millman. This book may be text-heavy (at least for us visually-inclined), but it's incredibly informative. Branding is quite a vague term for such a nessesity for a successful business, but Brand Thinking lays out the utter importance of having a brand identity. This book looks at branding from the perspective of industry experts through in-depth interviews. It also totally reimagines what a brand is, by explaining how it affects society + culture. This isn't a guide or how-to, but it's a backstage pass to the brilliant minds of design.

What are some of your favorite design books?
We're always looking to add more to the library at our studio!

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