5 Favorite Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City




When we aren’t in the studio, we’re on the hunt for the best coffee shops to work at in Salt Lake City. Our favorites are based on good coffee (of course), a great environment, and even better wifi. Today, we’re here to give you our top five.


No. 1: Tulie Bakery | 15th and 15th


If you’ve never ventured up to the 15th and 15th neighborhood in Salt Lake, make it your new weekend plan. Not only do they have a variety of delicious pastries to choose from, Tulie also has a lovely outdoor patio, surrounded by mint plants (best. smell. ever.) When we need a dose of inspiration, we look at all of the design books across the street at the King’s English and visit the Italian Market, Caputo's, next-door to swoon over all the packaging.


No. 2: 3 Cups


Photo by: 3 Cups


3 Cups is a little out of our regular neighborhood, but it’s also worth extra few minutes in the car. This coffee shop has a beautiful, Scandinavian atmosphere, with yummy cold brew to match. We host a ton of our client meetings there because there are plenty of tables, reliable wifi, and a lovely interior. Plus, if our meeting goes well, we like rewarding ourselves with some of their housemade gelato.


No. 3: La Barba | Downtown


Secret’s out. This is the best brew in our city! We could have unlimited amounts of La Barba coffee and not get sick of it. We even use their coffee beans when we’re making coffee here at the studio. We’re also huge suckers for great packaging, and their packaging just keeps getting better and better! The interior designers describe the space as “an old-world Spanish hotel lobby or your Abuelita's cozy, sophisticated house that’s been in the family for generations.” I mean, what’s not to love?


No. 4: Three Pines


Located in the heart of downtown lies an adorable husband-wife-owned coffee shop, called Three Pines. We originally discovered Three Pines when they were just a coffee cart in front of a local market and it’s been so fun to see how much they’ve grown. This coffee shop has a delicious cold brew, matcha, and homemade almond milk. We’d work here everyday if they had wifi!


No. 5: Publik Coffee | The Avenues


Last but not least, we have Publik Coffee. This place is one of the top local coffee shops in Salt Lake City, and you can always count on them to have a great table for you to crank out lots of work! This is actually the closest coffee shop to the studio, so we love popping by and hosting end-of-the-day client meetings on their lovely patio.



Our absolute favorite place to grab a quick coffee is at Caffe Espresso. Unfortunately, it’s a drive-thru only situation, but these guys are top on our list!


Here at Coast to Coast Studio, it’s so important to support local. We are always trying to find locally-owned businesses to grab a coffee or spend our lunch breaks at!


Want to grab coffee at one of these places with us? We’d love to buy you a drink and talk about your business! Stop by and say hello here and we’ll schedule a date.


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