Our 2018 Design Trend Predictions





― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


As summer comes to a close, we can’t help but get excited for the up and coming season. Fall is the best time of year to welcome change (hello rebrand) and wear cozy sweaters – but above all, it’s finally time to see the new + improved trends for the upcoming year! There isn’t exactly a black book showcasing all of the future graphic design trends (help us, Anna Wintour.) But don’t worry, we’re here to make our predictions and hopefully give you a leg up on the competition!


No. 1: Modern Monograms


We all do it. We hear the word monogram and automatically picture our freshman year roommate, who was in Delta Gamma and had her initials embroidered on every piece of her Lilly Pulitzer bedding. It’s finally time to clear that out of your memory, because a new monogram is in town. That’s right, the monogram is get a makeover and looking better than ever. Find your favorite modern font, intertwine the needed letters, and integrate a contemporary color palette to create the monogram of your dreams. This may be one of our favorite 2018 Design Trends!



No. 2: Layering Text + Photographs



Who doesn’t love a great collage? And no, we’re not talking about the overlapping Avril Lavigne posters you had hanging in your bedroom in 2002 (no judgements, we had them too.) We’re talking about a modern-take on stacking design elements to create a three-dimensional effect. Collaging can take place throughout your branding or your website to create a state-of-the-art look. First, find a swanky image. Second, layer on some design elements (don’t go crazy here – a box or thin line works just fine!) Third, place text or text box halfway on, halfway off the graphic. Seems simple, but it will make your website and brand materials stand out from the rest!


No. 3: Custom Lettering


Trust us, we know there are millions on millions of incredible fonts to use when it comes to creating brand identities. But lately, we’ve been wanting to provide one-of-a-kind lettering for our incredible clients! Each business and brand is unique in their own way, which means they need a logo just as unique to match. If you don’t have the tech to completely hand-write your own typography, try modifying a font you love! We have a feeling this 2018 Design Trend is going to make businesses look better than ever before.


No. 4: Tone-on-Tone


One of the trends we’re most excited about are the tone on tone color palettes. Say goodbye to bright/contrasting colors, and say hello to its sophisticated replacement. For those of you who don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, tone-on-tone is using different shades of the same color. At Coast to Coast Studio, we pride ourselves on making everything as clean and minimal as possible, so a tone-on-tone palette really sets us up to create a beautiful, minimalistic brand. This also comes in handy when designing and building a website, because you can use different shades for backgrounds, image overlays, text, and much more! Instead of finding complementary colors opposite of each other, find a color you love and pull different hues from it. We promise you’ll love the results.


No. 5: Customized Icons



If you have ever glanced at the Coast to Coast Studio Instagram, you know we’re huge advocates of customized icons. Incorporating one-of-a-kind icons throughout websites and marketing materials really sets a business apart from competitors, which is why we recommend them for all of our clients. We got a little bored looking at the same clipart icons, over and over again. Creating custom icons not only adds personality, but it show off what the business does and services they offer! It’s way more fun looking at various custom icons, rather than reading bodies and bodies of text. Make sure to use a custom color palette to match (maybe a little tone-on-tone, eh?)



Although summer is near and dear to our hearts, we love autumn because we get a glimpse of the upcoming design trends for the next year. Whether it be fashion, art, music, or digital design, they all work together to make each year better than the one before.

Do you want to incorporate some of these new trends into your branding? We can help! Let’s chat about ways we can modernize your biz.


What are some of your 2018 Design Trend Predictions? We’d love to hear them!


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